We aim to be a “bridge” between Indonesia and Japan

Ocean Partners provides the optimal advice and support to meet your various needs through a wide range of consulting services required for Indonesia-related business. 

We support Japanese companies planning to expand into Indonesia by forming partnerships with Japanese experts working at local law firms and tax accounting corporations in Indonesia, which we have cultivated through more than 30 years of establishing businesses in Indonesia. 

Trade consulting

We are entering an era in which the use of overseas markets and overseas production capabilities is indispensable for the development of corporations. Ocean Partners utilizes the Indonesian network and know-how that we cultivated as a trading company to offer support as a trade partner for your various ventures in Indonesia. In addition to acting as an import/export agency between Indonesia and Japan, we also provide detailed support such as discovering overseas products (which can be said to be the first step in overseas expansion), accompanying customers to trade fairs and exhibitions, and local marketing.


Agency for import/export

We act as import and export agents for products between Indonesia and Japan. 

Market research

We take care of your marketing in the Indonesian market from the collection of essential information such as local needs to information on various companies. 

Business trip agency / interpretation/ translation

We will accompany you to Indonesian trade fairs and exhibitions, interpret and help you with product discovery. In addition, we will accompany you in visits to local companies and support you in having beneficial business negotiations, such as offering interpreting and translation services. 

Discovery of Indonesian products

We will help you find Indonesian products. From discovery to transactions, various procedures, and purchasing, we will support you. 

Our track record

  • Import and sale of seafood: frozen bonito, processed frozen bonito (bonito flakes), frozen tuna, frozen shrimp, processed shrimp (fried shrimp, etc.), fish meal, etc.
  • Export and sales of cosmetics (Indonesia, Taiwan, China) 
  • Agricultural products import/export and sales
  • Support such as market research, licensing agency, sales support, accompanying during on-site inspections, etc.

We function as your overseas division

We take care of managing complicated documents, negotiating, and contacting overseas business partners on your behalf. Because we proceed with negotiations with business partners from your point of view, we can get you more advantageous transactions.

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Overseas correspondence service

We act as agents for contacting and negotiating with overseas business partners (correspondence) by email or telephone in English or Indonesian. Language ability is not enough for negotiations of contract terms such as payment and settlement of complaints. Instead, having specialized knowledge and local experience can become key to whether the negotiations can be carried out advantageously. It is the most crucial part of international business.

Document preparation

Carrying out overseas transactions requires a lot of documents, such as purchase orders/sales contracts, letters of credit (L/C), payment documents such as overseas remittances, shipping documents (invoices, packing lists, etc.). We will create these documents on your behalf, which are often time-consuming and prone to be incomplete. We also carry out complicated procedures accompanying foreign trade, including obtaining business documents necessary for customs clearance procedures.

Insurance reimbursement procedure

It is not uncommon for merchandise to be damaged due to accidents in international transportation or weather. To prepare for such a situation, we will add insurance to the sea freight on your behalf. We will negotiate with the shipping company and the insurance company and process the insurance reimbursement in the event of damage.

Arrangement of logistics

We will select and arrange the most suitable method according to your wishes and conditions, such as product characteristics, quantity, delivery date, and cost from international transportation such as sea, air, and international courier. We will also arrange domestic transportation related to the imported/exported cargo.

International exchange and human resources

Support for Indonesian trainees