Track record of over 40 years!

Acting as a “bridge” between Indonesia and Japan.

Get business opportunities in Indonesia!

With about 270 million people having an average age of about 29 years, Indonesia is developing rapidly. We support your business expansion in Indonesia.

Ocean Partners provides the optimal advice and support to meet your various needs through a wide range of consulting services required for Indonesia-related business. 

We support Japanese companies planning to expand into Indonesia by forming partnerships with Japanese experts working at local law firms and tax accounting firms in Indonesia, which we have cultivated through more than 40 years of establishing businesses in Indonesia. 

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Trade consulting

Utilizing the Indonesian network and know-how that we cultivated as a trading company, we offer support as a trade partner for your various ventures in Indonesia.

Acting as your overseas business division

We take care of managing complicated documents, negotiating, and contacting overseas business partners on your behalf.

International exchange and human resources

Employment introduction of Indonesian trainees and introduction/mediation to Japanese companies of human resources who have completed their training period at Japanese companies.

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